Truth! #atheist

I’m watching Perry Mason

“”The Case of the Long-Legged Models””

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Sarah Jane Waddell - Miss World Trinidad and Tobago 2014

Chart of the Day: When does a woman owe you sex?


I’m watching Robot Chicken

“Blam bitches! I love Bitch Pudding!”

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I’m watching Perry Mason

“”The Case of the Black-Eyed Blonde””

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Gonal-f & Menopur injections.

I’m not in any pain…. I’m sur­prised, the ladies in my IVF sup­port group kept say­ing how painful it was but I didn’t expe­ri­ence that feel­ing.

I have so much meds, my fridge look like I’m push­in …

Injection time!

My meds finally came today. Prepping for a baby is hard work but worth it. #TTC #ivf #ivfmeds

My Uterus Rocks!

I’m so excited…. We just finished our 2nd round of bloodwork and sonogram. The uterus is a GO, ovaries are ready, I just ordered my meds from Freedom and I’m taking the prenatal pills. We are doing the genetic testing with Natera and Recombine.


I have loved this little girl, and her pretty eyes, for quite some time. 

Sudanese Girl
Makpandu refugee camp 

Photo Credit: Paul Jeffrey