Our last base.

No more injections.

It’s breakfast time. #TTC #ivf #ivfmeds

Cire rocking his John Cena hoodie. (at Grimes)

It’s not hard to accomplish. #WiseWords #WordsToLiveBy #WisdomCorner #Inspirational

Don’t keep those ppl around…. Get rid of them.

Our oldest is officially out the house! (at John F. Kennedy International Airport)

'South Park' Benches RG3 In Episode Ripping 'Redskins' Nickname

'South Park' Benches RG3 In Episode Ripping 'Redskins' Nickname -

Guilt is supposed to be a temporary emotion.

Think of IVF as a Journey, Not a Destination. IVF treatment is not a fast process. The length of time from when you decide to cycle to the big results day can often take months, and in some cases extended treatment can last years. For many, IVF and infertility require endurance. #TTC #ivf #baby (at Sher Fertility Institute)

Our oldest daughter Sadè got her NYS Id. #ProudParents (at Yonkers DMV)